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Ultrabrite Smart App is now available for download at the below APP stores.

To enable connection with Amazon Alexa you can download the Ultrabrite Smart Skill from here.

  • Check you have successfully downloaded the correct Ultrabrite Smart App?
  • Have you created a connection to your Wi-Fi network using a 2.4Ghz service?
  • Ensure your phone is connected to the internet?
  • Is your Wi-Fi network active? Check this by opening your internet browser.
  • Alexa does not work with my Ultrabrite Smart Product?  Have you downloaded the Ultrabrite Smart Skill and enabled the function? Ultrabrite Smart Link HERE
  • See below how-to re-set the product.

To re-set your Ultrabrite Smart device, turn the product on and off 3 times at the mains operated switch, this will re-set the device. The Ultrabrite Light bulb will begin to flash quickly. Using your instruction manual set up guide, you can now begin the set-up process again.

Yes, if you change or make amendments to your Wi-Fi router, you may be required to reset the connections to your Ultrabrite Smart Products.

  • To re-set your Ultrabrite Smart device, turn the product on and off 3 times at the mains operated switch, this will re-set the device. The Ultrabrite Light bulb will begin to flash quickly. Using your instruction manual set up guide, you can now begin the set-up process again.

Yes, you will require an internet connection to set up your Ultrabrite Smart products.

No, you do not require an internet connection for your Ultrabrite Smart products to work, but if you do not have an internet connection you will be unable to control the products from your device.

All Ultrabrite Smart products will work with Amazon Alexa & Google Home by using the Ultrabrite Smart Skill and Action.

Unfortunately, they do not currently work with Apple Home-Kit.

No Hub is required to operate Ultrabrite Smart products.

All devices are designed for indoor use; however, the Ultrabrite Smart product could be used in an outdoor fitting if the IP rating of the fitting is appropriate for the environment and in reach of a Wi-Fi signal.

No, it is not advisable to use a dimmer switch to control your Ultrabrite Smart Products. Using this function will cause the Light bulb to flicker and fail to function.

Yes, you can use multiple products.

Yes you can. However, please be aware this may incur additional charges from your Mobile Network Provider.

You may need to reset your Wi-Fi router to 2.4GHz, in your Wi-Fi Router settings switch off the Smart Access/5GHz option and manually select via 2.4GHz option, this is due to the Smart bulb only being programmed for use with 2.4GHz frequency. This should enable your Smart product to connect and once you have completed setup the setup instructions you can enable the Smart access option in your Wi-Fi router settings. The Smart access is the option that allows your router to choose the best frequency for you (2.4GHz or 5 GHz)

  • Turn the bulb on for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Turn the bulb off for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Switch the bulb on for approximately 1 second and then switch it off again for approximately 1 second, repeat this a total of 5 times then switch the bulb on one last time.
  • After a few seconds the bulb should begin to flash and should be ready to connect to the app.

  • After you have entered your Wi-Fi details into the App and selected “Next” you should be shown instructions for pairing the bulb with the App.
  • In the top-right corner of the App screen there should be a “Mode” shown.
  • Press on this “Mode” and the App will display “EZ Mode” and “AP Mode”.
  • Select “EZ Mode”.
  • You should now be able to pair the bulb with the App without requiring the connection to a SMART Wi-Fi Hotspot.

  • Open the SMART App and select the bulb you wish to connect to Amazon Alexa.
  • Select the option button from the top-right of the App screen.
  • Select “Remove Device” from the bottom of the options menu.
  • Select “Disconnect and wipe data” and then select “Confirm”.
  • The bulb should then re-enter pairing mode and begin to flash.
  • Re-pair the bulb to the SMART App by selecting “Add device” or the “ + “ symbol in the top right of the App screen.
  • Select “Lighting” and then “Lighting (Wi-Fi)”.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi Network details and select “Next”.
  • Ensure the App is set to pair using “EZ Mode”, this should be visible in the top-right of the App Screen, if “AP Mode” is displayed you should press on this “AP Mode” and then select “EZ Mode”.
  • Then press “Confirm indicator rapidly blink” and then “Next”.
  • The App should then begin to re-pair with the bulb.
  • Once the SMART App has detected the bulb it should automatically be connected to the Amazon Alexa App as well.

  • Open the SMART App on the mobile device with the bulb already connected.
  • Select “Me” from the options along the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “Home Management”.
  • If a Home has already been set up select this from the list.
  • If a Home has not been set up select “Create Home” and enter the “Home Name”, you can also choose to enter the Location and select/ add rooms to this “Home”.
  • When the Home has been created you should see the options “View Home” or “Done”, select “View Home”.
  • Select “Add Member”.
  • You should then be prompted to enter a “Name” which is how the Member will be displayed in the Home.
  • In the “Account” you should enter the email address or phone number the person you are adding to the Home used to create their account on the SMART App.
  • You can then select this members “Family Role”, a “Common Member” is able to use any devices Smart setting set up in the Home where as an “Administrator” is able to add and remove devices, members and Smart Settings from the Home as well as being able to control the Smart products.

  • Select the device from the list of connected products in the SMART App.
  • Select the Options button shown in the top-right corner.
  • Select this Options button again shown next to the device name.
  • Select “Location”.
  • Select the Home/ Room for the device location.
  • Select “Save”.